World Industries Mike Vallely Barnyard Reissue

This is amazing news for skate nerds like me, World Industries are reissuing the classic Mike V barnyard model! Looks like they’re digging through the entire back catalogue and releasing all the classic 90’s graphics (they can get away with…), 2 of these for me, one to ride and one for the wall!



Vintage Goodness

If I ever win the Euro Millions, this lot is mine, until then…

WI Vallely Barnyard – Bootleg

One is one of the most iconic decks of all time, a board shape that revolutionised street skating in the early 90’s, and the other isn’t, spot the fake? I love/hate Ebay, there’s no pleasure in selling or buying through it anymore and hasn’t been for many years, but the gems (and in this case oddities) it throws up still make my daily searches worthwhile…