DIY – Handcrafted Hunting Knife

My father in law gave me the greatest (early) Christmas present ever this year, a hand made hunting knife. Apart from the blade itself and the ornamental brass moose head, everything else including the handle & leather sheath is crafted from scratch. The red, blue and white bands on the handle represent the UK (me) and Finland where my fiance is from, so a really nice gesture and something I’ll always treasure.


DIY Iphone Cover

No blog activity for ages due to a mad hectic schedule with work, visiting Paris, Dusseldorf & London in the last month, as well as a holiday in Lapland to stay with the inlaws.

My future father-in-law’s a real man’s man, hunting, fishing and building his own cabin from scratch. He also has a real talent for leather craft, making amazing knife sheathes (as well as the knives to go in them) giving me the idea of making my own iphone case.

First step is to cut the leather into shape, then soak for an hour or so to make it supple. We then made a dummy iphone out of wood to mold the wet leather around, clamping it tightly in place until it took on the shape of the phone. Next step is to stitch the leather, using two needles criss-crossing each other for a tight strong stitch (think its a saddle stitch?)

Final step is to add a design, temptation here is to go crazy with some intricate design, instead I opted for a subtle bear print and a row of dots along the spine. Amazing how easy it is to mark the leather whilst still wet.

I love how how it turned out, although the flap is unintended, a result of measuring the length wrong, making the cover an inch too short. Next project will be better though, a good learning experience, not bad for a first effort!