The Stone Roses

I loved The Roses before, even more respect for John Squire now he’s been snapped on stage in SS12 Cabourn jackets (and the AW11 Cameraman) , a man of wealth & taste..

Travel – Morocco

Above, Mick Jagger in a portrait shot taken by society photographer and painter Cecil Beaton in Morocco, March 1967. Keith also photographed in the same location, the El Minazh hotel in Tangiers. ‘Keith Richards, in 18th-century suit, long black velvet coat and the tightest pants, and of course Mick Jagger. He is sexy but completely sexless, he could nearly be a eunuch’ wrote Cecil Beaton.

I’ve always wanted to visit Morocco, as a Stones obsessive I love reading about their adventures driving down in Keith’s Rolls in the mid sixties, above pictures and text taken from the excellent book Mick & Keith by Chris Salewicz, highly recommend to any Stones fans..

I finally got the opportunity to visit Morocco last month whilst visiting factories for work, staying for 3 days in the capital Rabat’s only 5 star hotel, super nice. Happy to report Morocco didn’t disappoint, I’ll certainly be visiting for pleasure as soon as possible. For a relatively short flight, around 3 hours from Paris, you really feel like you’re in another world and time. There aren’t many parts of the world that still give you that feeling, but Morocco is certainly one of them..

As a buyer I couldn’t resist partaking in the local sport of haggling with the locals at the market, bagging myself a quality toy leather camel with rider for a souvenir for around £3.50! I would’ve bought one of the incredible locally produced rugs had I been able to get the thing home, amazing quality & craftsmanship at bargain basement prices.

The only down side to the trip was the hassle of immigration at Rabat airport, it really is like going back in time, very rare to get your passport stamped anywhere these days, here they stamp it on no less than 3 separate occasions for no discernable reason (plus flying from Paris always sucks, Charles De Gaulle airport has to be the worst major international airport, always a chore spending any length of time there..)

The local beer, Casablanca, is well worth all the hassle though when you finally arrive at your hotel…………….