Last Buy – Trickers Lollipop Red Cavalier Derby Brogues


You may have noticed I have a thing for shoes. Whilst my collection of trainers, or sneakers depending on where you are in the world, which once ran to 100’s of pairs (and is still vast)  diminishes with every passing year (I’m getting old) my collection of formal shoes grows to fill the void. I thought an addiction to rare trainers was costly, ain’t nothing next to high end footwear.

My latest addition is a Tricker’s brogue with Toe Patch, made on the 4444 last in Lollipop Waxy Commander Calf with Brass eyelets and natural calf lining. Fitted with a Barbour Welt in Natural finish with Commando Sole.

Love the chunky commando sole and red welt stitching, along with the strap at the front modelled on the kick start from motor cycle boots apparently, which is a nice touch and adds something different to the classic brogue design.

4 thoughts on “Last Buy – Trickers Lollipop Red Cavalier Derby Brogues

    • They’re from a shop called ‘Shoe Healer’ in Doncaster, UK, and if I remember rightly were part of a made to order run of 5 pairs. Pretty unusual, I’ve never come across another pair with the same strap across the toe box.

      • Hey, apologies to post here but I couldn’t do it further back.

        The tan 2011 Cameraman you have, how does the size 48 measure up? I’m usually about a 22″ pit-to-pit, will I get away with a 48? A lad on a forum is selling one and I’ve been after it for years.

        Appreciate any help and keep on with the blog.


      • I moved my 48 on awhile ago now and am still searching for a 50 to replace it, by far the best colourway. I’m a 42″ chest and found a 48 to be just a touch too small, was just about right with a t-shirt underneath but anything thicker, forget about it.

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