Nike HTM Flyknit Racer & Trainer

nike-flyknit-racer-htm-flyknit-trainer-europe-1-630x472 nike-flyknit-racer-htm-flyknit-trainer-europe-3-630x472 Flyknit-Racer-2_19019-copy2 Flyknit-Racer-3_large nike-flyknit-racer-htm-flyknit-trainer-europe-2-630x472 nike-flyknit-racer-htm-flyknit-trainer-europe-4-630x472 Lunar-Flyknit-HTM-3_large Lunar-Flyknit-HTM-2_large

YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!


Travel – Rabat, Morocco

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A flying 3 day work trip to Morocco to check out some new sources (and escape the Baltic climate in the UK). I love Morocco, and love Rabat, it’s 3 years since I was last here and the change in the city is staggering. Barely a European car to be seen then, now it’s new Porches and Range Rovers everywhere and flash apartments….