Merz b. Schwanen



I’ve always admired the dedication and workmanship that goes into Merz products, but have always been put off by the high price points for what are, essentially, basic undergarments (even if worn as outers).

I had the perfect opportunity recently (well, it was about 3 months ago but a busy schedule has kept me from posting anything for months) when the always exceptional LN-CC sent me a £100 voucher code. I left this siting in my inbox for weeks, thinking there must be a catch, but when I tried it, it was indeed £100 to spend on anything in store. To be fair, they’ve taken a fair amount of my cash over the years though…

On receipt I wasn’t disappointed, with the product in hand you can really see where the additional cost comes from, the 60% Merino wool, 40% cotton gives the fabric a really soft handle that feels great on.

The fact that they’re also made on original circular knitting machines is the kind of detail that I love, and shows in the fine knit of the product. You just don’t get that look and feel with modern machines.

Because I’m shameless, and no writer, I’ll just rip the following from the Merz website, check them out:

With the help of a traditional knitwear manufacturer based in the German Swabian Mountains, vintage fashion aficionado Peter Plotnicki revived the “old way of crafting clothes”.

Driven by his passion for traditional fabrication processes, he and the team created a collection of garments solely made by 1920s-1950s circular knitting machines. All tops are based on authentic working man’s apparel ranging from the first decades of the 20th century to army shirts of the sixties — some slightly modified, some copied from the original piece down to the last seam.

Peter Plotnicki sets great store by the label “Made in Germany”: the trimming’s cotton fabrics, buttons, labels, hangtags, and packaging are German-made.

High quality traditional products — manufactured in Germany — without compromises!