Last Buy – Nike Flyknit Racers

With my summer holidays fast approaching, time to sort my holiday footwear out. My days of hanging on Crooked Tongues and fiending after every hype shoe are long behind me I’m glad to say, but when pics first surfaced of the HTM flyknits the old hype receptors started firing on all cylinders…

I’ve always been a sucker for innovation in sports footwear, be it torsion bars in Adidas, pump in Reebok or air bubbles in Max’s. When it’s combined with the sleek silhouette of a running shoe, it’s always gonna get a big thumbs up from me.

I can see Nike taking loads of cash off me in the coming months when they release some more muted colourways of the racer. These are a bit lairy for a man the wrong side of 30 to be wearing, but I had to try ’em out, what else can you do?