last buy – Visvim Yucca Moc Folk

Summer time calls for lairy shoes, when they’re lairy and Visvim it’s a winner as far as I’m concerned. Had my eye on these since last summer, had to be the green for me, though they do come in more muted shades of brown, but where’s the fun in that?

Construction and materials are top class as always with Visvim, unlike some ‘premium’ brands you can always see where your money’s gone with Vis, making the frankly eye watering prices (and still rising every season..) a little easier to stomach.

As usual sizing is a lottery, luckily I have a pair of Visvim Arbath Mocs which use the same sole unit, otherwise I’d be screwed as I need a UK 10/US11 in these despite being a UK 9/US10 in every other brand I’ve ever tried on.