Last Buy – Nigel Cabourn Mallory Jacket


Along with the cameraman, and this probably just edges it, the Mallory is my favourite piece from Cabourn. The Mallory jacket was inspired both by the Sherpas of the 1950s as well as George Mallory.  Mallory, who got within 800 feet of the top of Everest then disappeared only to be found again in 1999, wore a tweed suit much like the Mallory Jacket.

I’m a huge fan of Cabourn but I find the sizing is a challenge, 50 is perfect for a mallory, 48 for the cameraman, yet my Eddie Bauer & Cabourn Geddes Jacket in a 50 is huge. From now on I’ll stick to 48 for winter lines and 50 for summer, my Tenzing is perfect in 50 but could barely fasten a 48, it was way too tight across the chest.

Mallory shown here in a 3 piece tweed suit- back row, second to the left