Mark Suciu – Cross Continental

This reminds me why I love skating so much, such an amazing part from a kid I’d never heard of. Reminds me of an old school part, great lines, proper street skating, great tune, enjoy…

(That kick flip back nose blunt on the rail is serious, so much style…)

Nigel Cabourn & Eddie Bauer A/W 2012

Images of the second Cabourn & Bauer collection, this time with a hunting theme, up on Selectism. Can’t pick out any must have pieces from these shots, though the camo hunting jacket, which looks like it comes with the gloves, looks promising.

Though the price points are extremely high for this range, the quilted parkas are stuffed by hand taking over 5 hours to produce. I know a little about garment production in Asia, and the cost is largely down to efficiency and the number of minutes it takes to get each garment down the line. When it’s taking over 5 hours, and is produced in the UK or Canada with higher labour costs, the price points do stack up. Looking forward to more info on these in the coming months.


Last Buy – Vans Syndicate Zero Lo

Of all the recent Vans Syndicate releases, these are my favourites. The Zero Lo has been around since 2010 when I bought the tan colourway pictured, and I’ve always loved the burgandy colourway too and lucked out when the last pair available at flatspot in my size went on sale. I thought they were long gone too as they were pretty limited then..

The Zero Lo is designed by Luke Meier of Supreme and Vans Syndicate, with design cues taken from classic footwear combining dress shoes and boot details on a white vulc sole. Premium suede covers the whole upper section apart from the side reinforcement (ollie patch) and heel tab made from smooth leather. Great packaging too, crisp white box and shoe bags, and come with 3 lace options.

Last Buy – Nigel Cabourn Lined Cameraman Jacket

I’ve been after this jacket since pics of the AW line first appeared in spring 11 as posted here

The cameraman jacket is a stone cold classic, heavily imitated this season (poorly) which is testament to the designs popularity. A new addition for this season is the application of Dry Wax to the Harris Tweed, a first for Nigel Cabourn as well as Harris Tweed, the wax coating enabling the tweed to be waterproof.

This year marks the 100th Anniversary of Harris Tweed and to celebrate Cabourn used 4000 metres of Harris Tweed over 9 styles in the AW11 collection.  Harris Tweed has always been an important fabric used in the Nigel Cabourn collection, not only because of its deep historical roots but also because of the quality of the wool.

In the words of the man himself:

“The reason I love this piece so much is because it comes from real vintage pieces. I have a vintage collection of over 4000 pieces, because I love real things. This jacket is a combination of 2 vintage pieces I have. The top is from a British army naval jacket, which is waterproof and has big metal clips, which were designed to open with ease if you had gloves on your hands. The bottom comes from an old British Hunting/Fishing jacket with big functioning pockets.  I actually photographed the two, cut them in half and stuck them together. That’s how I got the Cameraman Jacket.”