Last Buy – Nigel Cabourn & Eddie Bauer Geddes Jacket

Just when I think I’ve hit the ceiling on what I’ll pay for a jacket, something special comes along and I smash right through it… To be fair to myself, I’ve had a bit of a clear out on the run up to christmas of some old kicks and clothes, so did have paypal money burning a hole in my pocket (and fuck it, I’ve worked my knackers off this year, this is a present to myself!)

I wasn’t instantly struck by the Cabourn & Eddie Bauer collab, until I saw a few pieces in the flesh that is, and was instantly converted. For me the Geddes jacket is the stand out piece, it’s a serious bit of kit and by far the warmest, most substantial jacket I’ve ever owned. The Geddes is based on a US air force jacket worn in the early 1940s by pilots in Alaska.  Fair enough it’s quite an investment, but you can see the quality in every stitch and component used.

The exterior shell has waxed cotton treatment with reinforced cotton duck shoulder and forearm panels, with a diamond quilt filled with goose down feathers making it extremely well insulated (all stuffed by hand). I’ve visited a few down jacket factories recently, it isn’t the easiest of processes, often resulting in an uneven fill that can produce cold spots if the down isn’t evenly applied. Certainly on the Geddes I have, it’s stuffed to the gills, almost solid to the touch like a punch bag it’s been stuffed so well (Ooh, matron!)

Hood is trimmed with coyote fur with a checkered tweed wool lining, nice to see the  US clip fastenings making an appearance, also used to great effect on the iconic cameraman jacket.

This is the first of three collections Nigel Cabourn are doing with Eddie Bauer over the next three years for Autumn/Winter, this first collection being military inspired, hunting & fishing for 2012 and finally expedition for 2013. If they’re as good as this first release, I’m looking forward to picking up something from each collection.

Great service from LN-CC as always, who are now sold out, available in extremely limited numbers but you can still pick it up here