Last Buy – Nigel Cabourn Tenzing Jacket

I love my Mallory jacket, god knows I bang on about it enough times, only downside is it’s a bit too warm for any season other than winter (my internal thermostat is always cranked up to %&8£ing hot)

A light weight Mallory would be perfect, and this is where the Tenzing fits in (Tenzing was one of the most hardy and respected climbers in the world, famous for his brave climb to the summit of Everest with Edmund Hillary in 1953)

It’s made from 100% Turner cotton canvas, making it a lightweight option that can also be layered for the Winter conditions, but equally substantial enough with just a shirt. As with all authentic line it’s made in Blighty with fabrics and finishes produced by English factories.

I really struggled with the fit on this one, a 50 has always been fine on every piece of Cabourn I own, but assumed as this was unlined a 48 may be better for a closer fit. Not a bit of it, it’s a pretty slim fit, so slim that I almost opted for a 52 before finally settling on the 50. Great service from Superdenim as ever, highly recommend.