Last Buy – Nigel Cabourn Naval Parka

Being a jacket obsessive I’ve had my eye on the camo Naval Parka since the first pics of the S/S11 range surfaced last year, but never seriously considered purchasing one due to the £700+ price tag from the few stores carrying it.

As so few were made I didn’t think I’d ever come across one in the flesh until a few weeks back in Manchester I saw a woman wearing the Desert camo version, and it looked ace. It had to be fate, as when I nipped into Flannels for a nosey they had my size (the only one left) displayed on a mannequin in the blue camo I’ve always preferred. Despite my girls protestations that it’s the worse jacket ever (always a good sign!) I snapped it up at a decent discount from list.

It’s a seriously oversized garment, my usual size in Cabourn is 50 which is generally bang on, not too tight or loose, but this fits like a tent. It’s absolutely massive, though I guess that’s the idea. I wanted it to look oversized so I’m happy enough with the fit, though would be curious to see how a 48 is.

Haven’t tried it out in the rain yet, eager to see how it performs with the beeswax cotton. It stinks of wax which I kinda like, though sure it’d bother some. The oversize buttons look great too, likely to be a feature of the original vintage garment it was based on I’d expect, easier to open and close wearing chunky gloves.