What I Want – Mark McNairy Creepers

A definite spring purchase, love these Mark McNairy S/S12 New Amsterdam creepers



Last Buy – Nigel Cabourn Reversible Naval Shirt

Spreading my wings a little, from NC outerwear to shirting. Ebay has been kind to me recently, a mass clear out has brought in a tidy sum and cleared some space in the wardrobe for some new winter gear. First up is the reversible naval shirt, blue plaid with a red puppy tooth reverse, button front with black WWII shank buttons which can be easily removed and replaced and a re-enforced placket. The shirt also features two full bellows chest pockets and a buttoned cuff also with WW11 shank buttons.


Last Buy – Nigel Cabourn Tenzing Jacket

I love my Mallory jacket, god knows I bang on about it enough times, only downside is it’s a bit too warm for any season other than winter (my internal thermostat is always cranked up to %&8£ing hot)

A light weight Mallory would be perfect, and this is where the Tenzing fits in (Tenzing was one of the most hardy and respected climbers in the world, famous for his brave climb to the summit of Everest with Edmund Hillary in 1953)

It’s made from 100% Turner cotton canvas, making it a lightweight option that can also be layered for the Winter conditions, but equally substantial enough with just a shirt. As with all authentic line it’s made in Blighty with fabrics and finishes produced by English factories.

I really struggled with the fit on this one, a 50 has always been fine on every piece of Cabourn I own, but assumed as this was unlined a 48 may be better for a closer fit. Not a bit of it, it’s a pretty slim fit, so slim that I almost opted for a 52 before finally settling on the 50. Great service from Superdenim as ever, highly recommend.

Fantastic Man/ GQ

I love it when the new season mags start to drop through my letterbox, dread to think what my yearly spend on magazines must be, more expensive than a pack a day smoking habit I reckon..

Some good stuff in Fantastic Man as always including an interview with Johnny Marr, and GQ has a small piece on Cabourn so a thumbs up from me.

Last Buy – Nigel Cabourn Naval Parka

Being a jacket obsessive I’ve had my eye on the camo Naval Parka since the first pics of the S/S11 range surfaced last year, but never seriously considered purchasing one due to the £700+ price tag from the few stores carrying it.

As so few were made I didn’t think I’d ever come across one in the flesh until a few weeks back in Manchester I saw a woman wearing the Desert camo version, and it looked ace. It had to be fate, as when I nipped into Flannels for a nosey they had my size (the only one left) displayed on a mannequin in the blue camo I’ve always preferred. Despite my girls protestations that it’s the worse jacket ever (always a good sign!) I snapped it up at a decent discount from list.

It’s a seriously oversized garment, my usual size in Cabourn is 50 which is generally bang on, not too tight or loose, but this fits like a tent. It’s absolutely massive, though I guess that’s the idea. I wanted it to look oversized so I’m happy enough with the fit, though would be curious to see how a 48 is.

Haven’t tried it out in the rain yet, eager to see how it performs with the beeswax cotton. It stinks of wax which I kinda like, though sure it’d bother some. The oversize buttons look great too, likely to be a feature of the original vintage garment it was based on I’d expect, easier to open and close wearing chunky gloves.