China & Bangladesh

Moving house (and no internet for a month!) along with a mad busy work schedule and business trip to China & Bangladesh have all left posts thin on the ground recently, lots to catch up on.

This was my first time in Bangladesh, I don’t get on with the ‘authentic’ Chinese cuisine so was very much looking forward to it after a few days in China… Certainly wasn’t disappointed, the food was excellent as was the hospitality from our Bangladeshi hosts. Only downside was the humidity and the traffic, you don’t have to worry about seat belts in any of the rides (they don’t have them) , traffic is so bad you can’t get over 10 mph anyway. Our driver had his own way of beating the traffic though, driving on the opposite carriageway….

Didn’t get chance to do any sightseeing unfortunately, most pics are taken on my iphone from car windows whilst being ferried from hotel to factory, so quality is poor to say the least. I’ll take my camera next time, the colours are breathtaking, Dhaka is a really vibrant city full of interesting things to shoot.