Supreme & Damien Hirst

Now this is dedication to the cause, I bought this runner just because it matched my Supreme Damien Hirst decks…… Been waiting for what seems like forever to finally get a decent space to hang them.


Today’s Session

Great session today, sun shining, empty skatepark, apart from a mega slam that reminded me skating isn’t all fun, a perfect day. I won’t be thinking that tomorrow though, I can already barely walk, gonna have a massive bruise all down my lefts side when I wake up, worth it though….

Last Buy – APC & Burberry

Not really a last buy as I’ve had these for a couple of months now, on holiday this week though so finally get time to post some stuff.

Great service from Mr Porter, love the personalised packaging, always a nice touch. Mr Porter really know how to do sales right, no piffling 20% off here and there, some really great half price discounts straight off the bat. Had my eye on some slim-fit cargo’s for awhile, these Burberry Brit ones are a perfect fit, tapering nicely past the knee and not too tight at the thigh. The APC stuff was also half price, would be rude not to snap up a shirt and L/S T-Shirt.



Last Buy – Ralph Lauren

The Ralph Lauren web store is ace, since it opened around a year ago now half my wages seem to end up there, especially at sales time when they have some great bargains. Ralph is the one brand I keep going back to. It was my first ‘designer’ purchase (a denim polo oxford shirt in size XXL, as was the style back then..) almost 20 years ago, Stussy being the only other brand I still buy and wear from back in the day.

Couple of poplin shirts and a pair of swim shorts for my summer hols next month, all at half price, can’t be bad.

Washing My Cabourn Mallory

After reading a post on the Nigel Cabourn blog on how to wash your Mallory Jacket to get it looking rugged for Autumn, decided to give it a shot. It’s always felt a bit stiff, so softening it up and making it a little more rugged is all good with me.

It’s basically just soaking it in lukewarm water, nothing too aggressive, but still crapped myself at the thought of ruining my favourite jacket.

The Mallory is a heavy jacket anyway, but once soaked it weighs a ton and took two days to drip dry in the sun hanging from the balcony! Couldn’t be happier with the results though, it’s shrunk about half a size making it a perfect fit now. Roll on Autumn!