New Deal – Ed Templeton

I’ve waited five long years to find this deck on Ebay, ok it ain’t new old stock, in fact it’s pretty beat, but super rare to find in any condition. Hoping once the grip comes off the top graphic will be intact and I can try to get it into a presentable state, one of my first ever decks so holds great memories for me, hoping this is a sign a mint as below ain’t too far away…

Transworld – 10 Best Selling Board Graphics

Interesting piece in the June Transworld on best selling board graphics. Didn’t expect to see a Hensley in the mix, one of my faves for sure but didn’t expect it to make a top 10. Looks like more of a ‘let’s throw 10 boards that sold well in different decades’ list together than a definitive list of all time highest sellers, the late 80’s Santa Cruz models from Roskopp, Corey O’Brien et al must’ve sold more units than Muska for instance, popular as that graphic was in the late 90’s.

WI Vallely Barnyard – Bootleg

One is one of the most iconic decks of all time, a board shape that revolutionised street skating in the early 90’s, and the other isn’t, spot the fake? I love/hate Ebay, there’s no pleasure in selling or buying through it anymore and hasn’t been for many years, but the gems (and in this case oddities) it throws up still make my daily searches worthwhile…




Cabourn AW11/12 – Mallory Jacket


My favourite Cabourn piece, probably worn last years Mallory more than any other jacket I own, could really do with the lightweight version so I can wear one all year. The peacock in me loves the orange, and would’ve been a definite 5 years ago, once you’re north of 30 (and living in the North..) opportunities to wear a garment as bright as this are few and far between unfortunately (plus I couldn’t put up with the tango comments) so the navy will be on my list this winter.

Taken from The Army Gym, ‘The Mallory Jacket is inspired by a jacket worn by Sherpa Norgay Tenzing on his many expeditions to Everest.  Tenzing’s jacket was made of tweed and had patches on the shoulders.  These patches were to reinforce the shoulders and increase durability to enable him to carry supplies up on his shoulder and not ruin the jacket.  Our Mallory Jacket is made with Harris Tweed and 100% cotton Ventile patches on the shoulders and elbows and Corozo buttons.  Bellowed pockets at the bottom of the jacket allow extra space, just like Tenzing’s jacket, and inside the neck is a storm fastener, which was useful for keeping the wind out’.