Rad Nov 92 – Simon Evans

My favourite interview and pictures from back in the day, Simon Evans was the first British skater in RAD that could really give the yanks a run for their money, certainly in the super tech stakes anyway. Noseslide 360 heel out in 92??

I thought he was the coolest looking MF around when this interview came out, love the Fila’s and stripy beanie, 1992, the best year for skating period!

Today’s kicks….

Time to give some shine to my shoe collection, starting with a summer favourite, the Visvim FBT. I was a late comer to the Visvim party I’m ashamed to say, probably picked these up in around ’06 after thinking them a little too out there to begin with. Seeing a pair in the flesh made me see the error of my ways, stone cold classics, worth almost every penny of the (sadly now) vastly inflated prices charged for Vis.

Nigel Cabourn AW 2011/12

Finally my patience has paid off, got my hands on the Cabourn surface jacket I posted a few weeks ago in green oil cloth, now counting the days until it’s delivered…

I’m fiending after loads of Cabourn stuff from the AW 2011/12 season, this video has got me drooling, so much stuff I want, hard to pick just one or two pieces. Another Mallory for sure, the new season cameraman jackets look amazing too, think a massive clearance sale is in order to fund an expensive spree this winter..



Nike SB Koston 1

Great to finally get my hands on the Koston SB, after months of hype it’s finally here and well worth the wait. Koston really hasn’t done a bad shoe, looking back on his release’s since the first Koston’s on ES, they’ve all made a big impact on release, fully expect these to do the same.

The shape is a lot slimmer than it looks in the ads, more a slightly bulkier Bruin than a fat P-Rod style. They’re also amazingly comfortable thanks to the Lunar insole taken from Nike running, why they haven’t used this before on a skate shoe is a mystery as it’s been out awhile, sure we’ll see it added to more of the skate line now it’s debuted in these. Some really nice colourways are due in this style over 2011, can see me building up quite a collection, my new favourite skate shoe…

Eric Koston & Kobe Nike SB

As the first Nike Eric Koston shoe was released worldwide on Saturday I headed down to my local skater owned store Endemic to pick up a pair in the red colourway, not knowing they were also one of only 4 shops in the UK getting the limited edition Kobe Bryant colab release. Only 24 pairs available in the UK, with 1,000 worldwide! Super happy with them, not that I’ll skate in ’em, these’ll take pride of place in my kicks collection.