Nigel Cabourn – Surface Jacket

After seeing this jacket in the flesh recently at Oi Polloi, I’m now constantly checking stockists websites for summer sale reductions, determined I’m gonna get one but not for the full £650 RRP. What I should really get is a summer weight jacket as it’s the one item missing from my wardrobe, but you certainly couldn’t class this in the summer jacket category, it weighs a ton! It looks incredible in the flesh, the green fabric has a vibrancy that doesn’t come across in print or on a monitor, same goes for the blue colourway.

The jacket is made of red oil cloth cotton which is coated in real refined oil, a treatment which was originally developed for British fishermen. Like all Cabourn items it’s made in the UK to the highest standards, fingers crossed by the end of summer I’ll be posting pics of the actual jacket….