Adidas – Dennis Busenitz

This is my third pair of Busenitz, and the first I’ve bought just to skate in. When pics of this colourway first surfaced, the gum sole appeared a lot lighter, disappointed when they arrived to see it’s actually a much darker shade. Only a small thing granted, but would’ve worked much better in a lighter shade, something like Nike use on the late 90’s AM1.

Whilst I find them really comfortable, they fit super narrow, so won’t suit everyone. They also, like most Adidas, fit small, being the only brand I’ve ever had to go above a UK 9 in (UK 9.5 fit perfectly).

If longevity is your main criteria when buying skate shoes these aren’t for you, after just a handful of sessions the suede on the toe box is already wearing thin, and that’s from someone who’s lucky to get out once a week. Looks wise I think they’re great, styled on 80’s football boots with the extended tongue. I love this feature but it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, so as can be seen in pic 5, the tongue can be cut off. The football themed inner soles are also a nice touch.