Skateboard Art of Jim Phillips

I recently picked up ‘The Skateboard Art of Jim Phillips, and would recommend it to anyone with an interest in skate graphics or culture, as it’s a great read (and the art speaks for itself)

I never really appreciated Santa Cruz back in the day, along with Powell the graphics depicting skulls and zombies never really appealed, then we were in the 90’s and this stuff was the antithesis of cool next to the graphics World Industries were churning out. Glad to say I can now appreciate how awesome Jim’s art is, so much so I bought a Roskopp ‘face’ deck to hang on my wall in a neon green colourway, proper 80’s!

One astonishing fact in the book is just how big Santa Cruz was in the 80’s, turning over anywhere up to $50m per annum in sales! That ain’t small change for any company, with some of the established vert pro’s taking home $30K+ a month from board sales alone.