Nigel Cabourn – Surface Jacket

After seeing this jacket in the flesh recently at Oi Polloi, I’m now constantly checking stockists websites for summer sale reductions, determined I’m gonna get one but not for the full ¬£650 RRP. What I should really get is a summer weight jacket as it’s the one item missing from my wardrobe, but you certainly couldn’t class this in the summer jacket category, it weighs a ton! It looks incredible in the flesh, the green fabric has a vibrancy that doesn’t come across in print or on a monitor, same goes for the blue colourway.

The jacket is made of red oil cloth cotton which is coated in real refined oil, a treatment which was originally developed for British fishermen. Like all Cabourn items it’s made in the UK to the highest standards, fingers crossed by the end of summer I’ll be posting pics of the actual jacket….

Vintage T’s

Had my eye on all of the above vintage skate t’s, owning the last World Industries Jeremy Klein ‘Dream Girl’ shirt and wearing it to death. I was certain a bid of $201 would secure the Jason Lee shirt, but it finished at well over $300, in fact they all cleared over $200..

Prices of vintage skate shirts are reaching incredible heights now. As the decks became out of the price range of your average joe, people switched to collecting t-shirts, causing the same bubble effect and pushing prices ever higher. I can see the attraction of spending $1,000’s on the original decks, even when they’re reissued an original keeps it’s value pretty well, I very much doubt the same would apply to the shirts however if they were ever reproduced by the OG companies..

Adidas – Dennis Busenitz

This is my third pair of Busenitz, and the first I’ve bought just to skate in. When pics of this colourway first surfaced, the gum sole appeared a lot lighter, disappointed when they arrived to see it’s actually a much darker shade. Only a small thing granted, but would’ve worked much better in a lighter shade, something like Nike use on the late 90’s AM1.

Whilst I find them really comfortable, they fit super narrow, so won’t suit everyone. They also, like most Adidas, fit small, being the only brand I’ve ever had to go above a UK 9 in (UK 9.5 fit perfectly).

If longevity is your main criteria when buying skate shoes these aren’t for you, after just a handful of sessions the suede on the toe box is already wearing thin, and that’s from someone who’s lucky to get out once a week. Looks wise I think they’re great, styled on 80’s football boots with the extended tongue. I love this feature but it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, so as can be seen in pic 5, the tongue can be cut off. The football themed inner soles are also a nice touch.

New Deal

Amazing what prices old school skate stickers fetch, I guess if you can’t afford to collect the boards they’re a good compromise, but even these can sell for $20+, as I expect these New Deal stickers from 1990 will. Even I’m tempted on the Templeton ones, love the artwork.

Skateboard Art of Jim Phillips

I recently picked up ‘The Skateboard Art of Jim Phillips, and would recommend it to anyone with an interest in skate graphics or culture, as it’s a great read (and the art speaks for itself)

I never really appreciated Santa Cruz back in the day, along with Powell the graphics depicting skulls and zombies never really appealed, then we were in the 90’s and this stuff was the antithesis of cool next to the graphics World Industries were churning out. Glad to say I can now appreciate how awesome Jim’s art is, so much so I bought a Roskopp ‘face’ deck to hang on my wall in a neon green colourway, proper 80’s!

One astonishing fact in the book is just how big Santa Cruz was in the 80’s, turning over anywhere up to $50m per annum in sales! That ain’t small change for any company, with some of the established vert pro’s taking home $30K+ a month from board sales alone.

Jack Purcell

Now that Jack Purcell’s are all the rage in certain quarters, reminded me of these vintage beauties I had stuffed in a cupboard somewhere. About five years ago I bought ten pairs of ¬†late 80’s deadstock New Balance shoes from a guy in America, who was also selling these. I thought the box was great, and for that reason alone bought them (plus they were only 10 bucks)

I have no idea how old they are, but they’re still sound and wearable, shame they’re a kids size five or I’d wear ’em!