Warning – The Art of Marc McKee

I was really excited when I heard a book was being released featuring the art of Marc McKee. Most of the art featured is from the years 1989 – 1993, coinciding with my early teens and most active years skating (and the best years for skating full stop, from the decks to the clothes, art, pro’s and music imho)

It features some great art, including pieces from his time working for ‘Hustler’ magazine , but nothing you haven’t seen before if you’re interested in this stuff. I also expected something more along the lines of the ‘Disposable’ books by Sean Cliver, big coffee table books covering the entire period would’ve been amazing and likely sell just as many copies to the early 90’s period skate fans as this will. This edition however is tiny, when sitting next to the Disposable bibles and the skate art of Jim Philips, it’s dwarfed.

Fingers crossed one day someone tackles the World Industries Rocco years in the same amount of detail as that spent on the amazing ‘Made for Skate’ book…..