Mark McKee

I can’t wait to get my hands on this new book featuring the art of Mark McKee, during the early 90’s he produced some of my favourite graphics for Blind and other companies in the Blind stable, including the controversial Guy Mariano ‘Accidental Gun Death’ graphic.

This board and graphic holds special significance for me, as it’s the last board I bought before quitting ‘full time’ skating around 1993. I’ve skated on and off over the years, but this board really represents the end of the carefree days of youth for me, so holds great sentimental value.

Unfortunately it also happens to be one of the rarest, most sought after decks for collectors, a mint example likely to fetch a minimum of $2,000. Hurray for Blind rereleasing it as part of their 25th Anniversary celebrations, sure it isn’t a slick version, but it’s screen printed as decks used to be instead of a heat transfer as boards are produced these days.

Pictured below is of an OG slick model, you don’t need to look too closely to see it’s far superior to the reisssue, appearing  to be sketched  with pencil and coloured in, whilst the new version graphic just looks too clean, like it’s done on a Mac (likely because it is). Still a great addition to the collection, just need New Deal to rerelease the first Templeton board (on the OG shape…) and that’s all my old boards from BITD available as reissues.