Last Buy – Nigel Cabourn Mallory Jacket

Finally bit the bullet and bought the Jacket I’ve had my eye on since spring, the Nigel Cabourn Mallory (inspired by the same bespoke Harris Tweed jacket worn by George Mallory in 1924 during his attempt to climb Everest)

The one thing putting me off purchasing for so long was sizing, couldn’t bring myself to drop so much on one piece of clothing without trying it on first, especially as the few stores stocking it all had completely different measurements on their websites (the size 50 I ended up buying was listed as medium on some sites, my usual jacket size, and large on others). Watching the sizes disappear each time I checked stock soon spurred me to action though and made buying online my only option….

As I wanted to be able to wear a thick sweater underneath, size 50 fits just right, though a 48 would’ve been ok too for a slimmer fit and would be my preference for Cabourn spring/summer garments.

As I couldn’t find my size in the UK for a decent price, I ended up buying from Cultizm in Munster, Germany (3 days shipping to UK, great service). Couldn’t be happier with it, love the fit, not too fitted nor boxy, and a really heavy weight. Perfect for winter use and can see me wearing it for decades to come.