Eric Koston – Nike SB

I didn’t expect great things from Koston’s first pro shoe on Nike SB, the leaked shots of early samples doing nothing to change this opinion. I hoped they’d release a Janoski styled shoe rather than a bulky tech P-Rod type, but the extremely boring almost Bruin-ish silhouette seen on the early pics wasn’t doing it for me, rather get a pair of Bruin’s (not to knock the Bruin, I have several pairs and it’s one of my favourite SB’s).

I have to say as more pics have released and the hype starts to build, I’m starting to like these more and more. No doubts whatsoever they’ll be amazing to skate in, the one piece construction and lunar insole ensuring this. Goes without saying a Supreme colourway is always a welcome addition to the party


Last Buy – Nigel Cabourn Cameraman Jacket

After buying and loving the Mallory jacket, I couldn’t resist the Cameraman, a reduction from £900 to £400 on LN-CC made the decision somewhat easier to justify..

As with many of Cabourn’s pieces, it’s Inspired by a vintage garment with a great backstory, in this case the jacket worn by Wilfred Noyce on an Everest expedition. The upper is made of Mackintosh, the lower part of Harris Tweed, making it exceptionally warm in extreme conditions. It also features lovely details on the components, featuring specially made metal clip fastenings and waxed cord in the hood and hem.

I’ve always fancied this colourway, sure it isn’t to everyone’s taste but I have enough navy, grey or black jackets so fancied something a bit different. It’s also much more toned down in the flesh, being more of a dull burnt orange than the bright affair it appears on most websites and pics.

Credit where it’s due, I have to say the customer service from LN-CC is the best I’ve ever experienced, coming beautifully packaged in a drawer pull box with next day delivery. Unfortunately, when it arrived I noticed a slight oil stain on the fabric next to the metal fastening clips, nothing too noticeable when the jacket is fastened but not something you’ll accept on a jacket at this price point. This is where they really shined,  upon reporting this to LN-CC customer services, they offered to return it or knock me another £100 off, which I accepted, making it even more of a bargain. Highly recommended, and will certainly be buying from them again (plus they don’t mess about in the sales, massively discount to clear out old stock, not a meagre 20% here and there…)

What I want…. Vans California Style 31

Damn, I’m trying so hard to rein in the spending but as usual when I make these promises to myself all the good stuff drops….

Love love love these Vans California style 31’s in the rather special sounding colourway of Gunmetal/Wild Dove, that alone makes me want ’em. I give it two weeks max before I’m posting a pic of these, don’t think I can resist….

Last Buy – Nigel Cabourn Mallory Jacket

Finally bit the bullet and bought the Jacket I’ve had my eye on since spring, the Nigel Cabourn Mallory (inspired by the same bespoke Harris Tweed jacket worn by George Mallory in 1924 during his attempt to climb Everest)

The one thing putting me off purchasing for so long was sizing, couldn’t bring myself to drop so much on one piece of clothing without trying it on first, especially as the few stores stocking it all had completely different measurements on their websites (the size 50 I ended up buying was listed as medium on some sites, my usual jacket size, and large on others). Watching the sizes disappear each time I checked stock soon spurred me to action though and made buying online my only option….

As I wanted to be able to wear a thick sweater underneath, size 50 fits just right, though a 48 would’ve been ok too for a slimmer fit and would be my preference for Cabourn spring/summer garments.

As I couldn’t find my size in the UK for a decent price, I ended up buying from Cultizm in Munster, Germany (3 days shipping to UK, great service). Couldn’t be happier with it, love the fit, not too fitted nor boxy, and a really heavy weight. Perfect for winter use and can see me wearing it for decades to come.

Last Buys – Mono Workwear

Stoked to get my hands on the first three issues of Mono’s workwear magazine after waiting four weeks for the delivery from Amazon Japan. Works out a little cheaper ordering from Amazon Japan than paying the £35 most UK stockists (if you can find any) are charging, but not by much unfortunately with shipping making up a 3rd of the price.. Each issue runs to some 300+ pages and weigh a ton, but worth every penny imho.