World Industries – Mike Vallely ‘Cliff Elephant’

I was transported back in time today (cue swirling smoke and tinkling music), to early December 1989, holding in my hands once again the first ‘professional’ (i.e. not a toy) skateboard I ever bought brand new (see my post Memorable Decks for more info)

Ok, so it wasn’t the exact same board, unfortunately that went to landfill years ago after I sawed the sides off to make a freestyle board (regretfully I didn’t keep any of my old decks from the early days…) , but it’s close enough until an OG example comes along (rare as rocking horse shit and in the $1500+ bracket unfortunately).

This deck is still in itself a pretty rare limited edition 1 of 100 (this is 72/100) cease & desist reissue, and from memory it seems pretty close to the original shape. Comparing it to the pics of original stock below, the graphics are absolutely spot-on too.

A lot of collectors hate cease & desist and their reissue boards with a passion, believing they bring down the value of the original decks. I don’t subscribe to this view, an original is still an original, and I’ll still pay top dollar to procure one. I view the C&D reproductions as nothing more than a place holder until an OG comes along. Sure you can argue it rips off the original artists work, but when the OG art was more often than not itself ripped off from some of the worlds most recognised brands (Disney, Burger King, Marvel Comics, Pepsi to name but a few) by World Industries, that argument to me doesn’t hold water.

My OG deck was in a purple wood stain, the one colourway I can’t find any pics of unfortunately, but as referenced below the deck was produced in some fantastic colourways, I especially love the use of neon colours on the star in the last pic.


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