What I want – Visvim Adventura Down Jacket

Really disappointed to see the exchange rate on the Chinese Yuan made Visvim around the same price as you’d pay in the UK, so didn’t pick anything up from the reseller stores or make it to the official Vis store on the mainland, but will next time now I know it’s a short ferry ride from Kowloon to the mainland store on Wyndham street.


Last buys

Today was one of those great days when parcels you’ve been waiting weeks on end for are all delivered at once, turning a crappy wet Wednesday into Christmas day. Individual reviews to follow, too busy playing with my new toys to post anything right now……

A walk in the woods……

I love a good walk in the countryside, especially at this time of year when everything’s golden and it’s turning to gloves and scarf weather. I also used the day to say goodbye to my beloved Sony T10 cybershot camera, as I take delivery of the new Sony Nex5DS tomorrow. Excited isn’t the word, can’t wait to get my hands on it, just in time for my trip to Asia next week.

Supreme Fall/Winter 2010 Leather Bomber

Supreme presents its Fall/Winter 2010 lookbook, with the looks once again shot by famed photographer Terry Richardson. There aren’t too many pieces I’ll be breaking my neck to get this season, but there’s always one thing I look for every fall/winter collection from Supreme, and that’s the leather down jackets. This years are especially nice, I have one from a few seasons ago in a lovely blue leather that features a detachable hood with fur lined collar, though I think I actually prefer this seasons hood style without the fur.

The grey is my favourite colourway, closely followed by the burgandy. As Supreme don’t ship internationally, and the resale market on ebay is likely to be north of £500 against the $590 on the website, I’m hoping they’ll have some stock still left when I visit NY in the new year…

This upcoming collab with North Face looks pretty promising too, strong colourway, look forward to more pics getting released.