Trickers Hip Collab

I’ve had my eye on a pair of chunky vibram sole boots for some time now, not the cheesy JLS, All Saints, jeans tucked into boots look every chav and his dog is rocking, some quality crafted shoes that’ll last a lifetime. I was thinking of a pair of Grenson boots, as I love their brogues and wear them for work, but wanted to step up to a pair of Trickers.

My prayers were answered while shopping in Leeds last week to find the ever excellent Hip have done their own limited edition collaboration with Trickers on a thick soled (double crepe wedge) boot, exactly what I wanted. Taken from Hips blog:

‘Trickers have been making hand finished shoes in Northampton since 1829, worn by royalty Trickers are reknown for their comfort, flexibility  & durability. Trickers have designed this unique boot totaly exclusive for Hip in four colourways with a double crepe wedge sole, matching eyelets & laces aswell as been hand finished. These boots will last you forever’.

They really are a stunning piece of craftsmanship, the beauty being if I ever get bored of the crepe sole you can send them back to Trickers to have a regular sole fitted. I opted for the blue leather as I already own brogues in the traditional colours (and it’ll match my Supreme leather down jacket), though the bright tan are also well tasty. Very limited numbers, best be quick if you fancy picking up a pair, the bright tan sold out in the first weekend on sale I was told…

(You can also get high as a kite on these things, the sole smells so strongly of glue, and also attracts every bit of dirt and stray hair to them like a magnet!)


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