Plan-B – Matt Hensley Firebird

Yes folks, it’s spot the difference time again, this time with the Matt Hensley Plan B Firebird deck from 1991 (super rare, can’t even find a decent pic of it online) and a re-ish from Matt’s current sponsor Black Label. Remember really really wanting this deck at the time but Plan B products, despite being the hype team and brand when it first surfaced, were really hard to track down (me and my friends would’ve sold our Grans for a Plan-B t-shirt back then!)

I bought this Black Label reissue graphic of the board recently, and plan to set it up and skate once the deck I’m riding now needs replacing. It’s a really nice OG shape, perfect for cruising on in summer though I’ll probably want to keep it and hang it on the wall with the rest by then….

I couldn’t write a post on Matt without including some pics from his prime, he was the cooling looking mofo in the world to me when I was young and first started taking an interest in such things.  I copied his look as closely as I could with what was available to me as a 12 year old in Leeds, cut off US combats from Leeds market, long sleeved white tee from a long gone sports store who’s name escapes me, wallet chain that was really a dog leash, pulled up socks and Vans chukka’s (pic 4 is a good example of the classic Hensley look)

In my eyes he still looks fresh today (I never realised his look was so heavily influenced by Ska and Mod until years later, have more respect for him now for doing the look so well twenty years ago, completely against what his peers in the skate world were wearing back then)

Included below are three of my favourite pictures of any skater, pic 1, the frontside ollie on the giant hat (a restaurant I recall), pic 7, back lip on what looks like a freeway barrier with a HUGE drop at the other side if he messes up, and the last pic, again a frontside ollie on part of a flyover. If I could get a high res image of any of these I’d blow ’em up and have ’em framed, to me all are stunning images.


3 thoughts on “Plan-B – Matt Hensley Firebird

  1. Nice read. Thank you.
    I used to town the firebird deck in 1991 land remember it was thin. Also the print was a lot darker with an almost black bird on a navy blue background. I remembering landing some trick with my back foot too far on the tail. It just snapped. After maybe three weeks. I cried.
    It has been well over two decades now. Time flies.

  2. I am about to get a used reish of this to get back into skating. And you sound just like me back then but a few years younger. I loved Matts style, He was proabably my favorite skater, back then. 😉

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