Jeremy Klein – World Industries

Spot the difference? The first pic is a Cease & Desist reproduction of the classic World Industries Jeremy Klein ‘Veggies’ graphic, second being the original. My friend had this deck back in the day, and remember it snapping after a couple of weeks, the World wood being notorious for being a piece of shit back then and snapping like twigs.

I bought this repro after a deal on an original fell through with a collector in the States. Pretty stoked on it actually, the shape is pretty much as I remember the original though not as wide as decks were back then. Some slight differences with the graphic, the candy wrapper having C&D printed on it instead of Jeremy’s name, the colours are also a bit off but all in all it’ll make a great place holder until an original comes along…

Couldn’t finish this post without including a few pics of Jeremy in his 90’s prime, remember having the kickflip grab sequence poster on my wall back in the day, still looks fresh today.


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