Emerica Leo Romero

In the recent Emerica video ‘Stay Gold’, next to Andrew Reynolds (arguably the best part, certainly mine) the stand out part and most eagerly anticipated (and hyped) had to be Leo Romero, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Though most of the footage was old, dating from his time on Baker before moving to Toy Machine, it still contains some next level rail madness (skating UP rails, as can be seen in the second pic!) and has to make him favourite for Thrasher skater of the year.

In homage to Leo I picked up a pair of his latest Emerica kicks this weekend, the Romero II in the Toy Machine colourway. As you’ll have gathered from previous posts, I’m a huge fan of Ed Templeton (more his skating in the early 90’s than his art tbh), and was pleased to see his artwork covers all sides of the box, a nice extra treat I wasn’t aware of before purchasing.

I don’t intend skating in these, more of a chilling shoe, though they’re mad comfy and would be great for skating in if you prefer your shoes on the slim non-padded side. Personally my old ankles are far too weak these days to risk skating in a low top, I’ll be sticking to my half cabs for that….


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