Blind – F’ed up Blind Kids Set

Remember the Garbage Pail Kids card series? I can remember collecting ’em back in the 80’s, which made this 1992 series of blind decks (art work by Marc Mckee) all the more amusing to my teenage brain when they were released.

The set below aren’t original full size decks more’s the pity, but 10″ hand boards, still pretty cool though and will look great on the wall when I get around to hanging them.


Plan-B – Matt Hensley Firebird

Yes folks, it’s spot the difference time again, this time with the Matt Hensley Plan B Firebird deck from 1991 (super rare, can’t even find a decent pic of it online) and a re-ish from Matt’s current sponsor Black Label. Remember really really wanting this deck at the time but Plan B products, despite being the hype team and brand when it first surfaced, were really hard to track down (me and my friends would’ve sold our Grans for a Plan-B t-shirt back then!)

I bought this Black Label reissue graphic of the board recently, and plan to set it up and skate once the deck I’m riding now needs replacing. It’s a really nice OG shape, perfect for cruising on in summer though I’ll probably want to keep it and hang it on the wall with the rest by then….

I couldn’t write a post on Matt without including some pics from his prime, he was the cooling looking mofo in the world to me when I was young and first started taking an interest in such things.  I copied his look as closely as I could with what was available to me as a 12 year old in Leeds, cut off US combats from Leeds market, long sleeved white tee from a long gone sports store who’s name escapes me, wallet chain that was really a dog leash, pulled up socks and Vans chukka’s (pic 4 is a good example of the classic Hensley look)

In my eyes he still looks fresh today (I never realised his look was so heavily influenced by Ska and Mod until years later, have more respect for him now for doing the look so well twenty years ago, completely against what his peers in the skate world were wearing back then)

Included below are three of my favourite pictures of any skater, pic 1, the frontside ollie on the giant hat (a restaurant I recall), pic 7, back lip on what looks like a freeway barrier with a HUGE drop at the other side if he messes up, and the last pic, again a frontside ollie on part of a flyover. If I could get a high res image of any of these I’d blow ’em up and have ’em framed, to me all are stunning images.

Visvim A/W 2010 look book

When I first decided to put a blog out I really thought it would predominantly be fashion based, about the clothing I covert, own or hate, though a quick scroll through shows pages and pages devoted to my nerd fascination with early 90’s skate culture. I’ll try to keep posting more of my fashion likes and wants, problem being it’s hard to post anything that hasn’t been posted a million times already on a million blogs. At least skate nerd-dom is a pretty niche subculture, and one I can at least comment on with some authority…

That said, I’ll now be the millionth and one person to blog the latest Visvim Autumn/Winter look book. Loving the entire collection, If I see the sheepskin jacket in the first pic on my travels to China next month it’ll be hard to resist picking it up, despite the ludicrous price tag….

Trickers Hip Collab

I’ve had my eye on a pair of chunky vibram sole boots for some time now, not the cheesy JLS, All Saints, jeans tucked into boots look every chav and his dog is rocking, some quality crafted shoes that’ll last a lifetime. I was thinking of a pair of Grenson boots, as I love their brogues and wear them for work, but wanted to step up to a pair of Trickers.

My prayers were answered while shopping in Leeds last week to find the ever excellent Hip have done their own limited edition collaboration with Trickers on a thick soled (double crepe wedge) boot, exactly what I wanted. Taken from Hips blog:

‘Trickers have been making hand finished shoes in Northampton since 1829, worn by royalty Trickers are reknown for their comfort, flexibility  & durability. Trickers have designed this unique boot totaly exclusive for Hip in four colourways with a double crepe wedge sole, matching eyelets & laces aswell as been hand finished. These boots will last you forever’.

They really are a stunning piece of craftsmanship, the beauty being if I ever get bored of the crepe sole you can send them back to Trickers to have a regular sole fitted. I opted for the blue leather as I already own brogues in the traditional colours (and it’ll match my Supreme leather down jacket), though the bright tan are also well tasty. Very limited numbers, best be quick if you fancy picking up a pair, the bright tan sold out in the first weekend on sale I was told…

(You can also get high as a kite on these things, the sole smells so strongly of glue, and also attracts every bit of dirt and stray hair to them like a magnet!)

Holiday Reading

Off on my Jollies for some winter sun shortly, as a holiday for me is 8 hours at the side of a pool reading I’ve sorted my holiday reading out well in advance, can’t rely on WHSmith at Manchester airport to have any decent titles in..

Transworld is a must, always been the best skate mag out, with Fantastic Man for my fashion fix and Monocle for world affairs, business and culture.

Always loved Radcliffe on the radio so his latest book should be a good light read, the first freakonomics book made economics interesting so the follow up shouldn’t disappoint, while Peter Hooks tales of running the Hacienda in Madchesters prime is bound to be entertaining.

Jeremy Klein – World Industries

Spot the difference? The first pic is a Cease & Desist reproduction of the classic World Industries Jeremy Klein ‘Veggies’ graphic, second being the original. My friend had this deck back in the day, and remember it snapping after a couple of weeks, the World wood being notorious for being a piece of shit back then and snapping like twigs.

I bought this repro after a deal on an original fell through with a collector in the States. Pretty stoked on it actually, the shape is pretty much as I remember the original though not as wide as decks were back then. Some slight differences with the graphic, the candy wrapper having C&D printed on it instead of Jeremy’s name, the colours are also a bit off but all in all it’ll make a great place holder until an original comes along…

Couldn’t finish this post without including a few pics of Jeremy in his 90’s prime, remember having the kickflip grab sequence poster on my wall back in the day, still looks fresh today.

Emerica Leo Romero

In the recent Emerica video ‘Stay Gold’, next to Andrew Reynolds (arguably the best part, certainly mine) the stand out part and most eagerly anticipated (and hyped) had to be Leo Romero, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Though most of the footage was old, dating from his time on Baker before moving to Toy Machine, it still contains some next level rail madness (skating UP rails, as can be seen in the second pic!) and has to make him favourite for Thrasher skater of the year.

In homage to Leo I picked up a pair of his latest Emerica kicks this weekend, the Romero II in the Toy Machine colourway. As you’ll have gathered from previous posts, I’m a huge fan of Ed Templeton (more his skating in the early 90’s than his art tbh), and was pleased to see his artwork covers all sides of the box, a nice extra treat I wasn’t aware of before purchasing.

I don’t intend skating in these, more of a chilling shoe, though they’re mad comfy and would be great for skating in if you prefer your shoes on the slim non-padded side. Personally my old ankles are far too weak these days to risk skating in a low top, I’ll be sticking to my half cabs for that….