American Icons….

Anyone not familiar with the early 90’s skate scene will be wondering why my blog’s called Blind American Icons, well all will be revealed…

It was quite a rash decision coming up with the name, taking all of 30 seconds deliberation, but I’m an impatient fuck and couldn’t wait to think of anything better, so it’ll have to do….

Take a guess……………… it isn’t about Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder, as awesome as they are, it’s a reference to an early Blind Skateboards graphic for Jason Lee produced around 199o by the artist Marc McKee. I never owned this deck, but it’s still one of my favourite graphics, take a good look,  you’ll soon work out why it’s called ‘American Icons’.

An original deck (above) will set you back several thousand, if you’re lucky enough to come across one. For me the next best thing is the deck below, arrived recently courtesy of good ‘ol ebay USA and will make a great place holder until the real thing comes along (dream on!)

It’s a Blind Ronnie Creager from 2007, released on an old school shape with replica graphics, only difference being Ronnie’s name instead of Jason Lee’s featured on the TV on the nose.

Cliche Skateboards are releasing an updated version of this iconic graphic, with artwork produced by the original artist Marc Mckee and putting a modern noughties spin on the graphic theme. The six pack of beers have been replaced by prescription pills, an Ipad replaces the bible, and an Iphone takes the place of the TV. Pretty clever stuff, releases in limited numbers in December, already got my order in…….


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