Visvim Arbath Moc

Really taken with this image from the Visvim S/S 10 lookbook, in fact so taken I spent a months rent on the featured shoes, the Visvim Arbath Mocs. Luckily, instead of dropping £400+ for a pair of shoes imported from Japan that don’t actually fit, Hip in Leeds now stock Visvim, one of only 4 stockists in the UK and the only one oop North.

It’s a good job I did try before buying as they fit incredibly small, I’m a UK9 in pretty much every brand, going down to a UK8 in most formal shoes, but had to for the first time ever by a UK10 for a comfortable fit. Very strange, I already own a couple of Visvim FBT’s that fit perfectly in a UK9, as these are a slip-on style I expected, as is usually the case, they would fit large not small….. Lesson one, when dropping big bucks always try before you buy..

Lesson two, haggle hard with the sales assistant, most people are too embarrassed, I say screw that, always works for me and did this time too, softens the blow to the wallet..


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