Mike Vallely

As mentioned in a previous post, Mike Vallely has always been a bit of a hero of mine and was the first pro board I ever bought back in the late 80’s. My hunt for this deck (old man trying to buy back his youth!) involves daily scours of ebay, which brought me to Mike V’s personal ebay page where he sells merchandise for his band and very occasionally the odd piece from his personal archive (decks often reach $2,000+ when they are from the early 90’s when he skated for World Industries).

The Mike Vallely animal man is another early World Industries classic graphic, which came out around ’92 I believe. When I saw Mike V was selling an early 90’s World Industries Hooded top from his own personal collection featuring the animal man graphic I just had to bid, it’s a piece of skate history, to me it’s like getting hold of Diego Maradona’s boots or something.. (but better!)

I really didn’t expect to get anywhere near, expecting big bucks, so was beyond happy to find I won the auction at a mere $61, a fraction of my maximum bid. Having been outbid on loads of skate memorabilia auctions recently I was so happy to get this. Even better, as can be seen on the first photo, I struck up a bit of email chat with the man himself, resulting in the signed picture. Can’t beat that, good on ya Mr V, ‘never give up’, right back ‘atcha!

Don’t know if I can bring myself to wear it, toying with the idea of framing it along with the signed picture and the custom label that came with the package (filled in by Mike, and containing his home address in Cali)


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