New wood……………..

My once spanking new Girl Guy Mariano shark attack board is now past its sell by date, ready to retire it for a new board, what a shame, hate having to buy new boards (yeah, right!)

Decided on something different this time, I’ve always been loyal to the Girl brand but fancied a change so went for flavour of the month brand, choosing a Real deck. Still kept things old school though by going for an old pro model, James Kelch’s tribute deck reissuing a graphic from the early 90’s based on one of the ‘Madchester’ band James old T-shirt graphics (which I also funnily enough owned in black around 1990, never liked the band but anything Stone Roses, Inspiral Carpets, Charlatans related was the shit back then..)

Things haven’t been good for Kelch lately, touched on in a recent episode of VBS TV’s Epicly Later’d, which makes the note on the top graphic of the board make sense having watched the episode..


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