Adidas Skate Mark Gonzales

I picked up a pair of the new Mark Gonzales Skate the other day from the always great Endemic in Huddersfield,  can guarantee they’ll always have something new in stock whenever you visit, never disappoint.

They have a great shape, just on the right side of protected, offering a slim silhouette but with the right amount of padding on the tongue to make them function as a skate shoe (nothing worse than chunky skate shoes…)

Always worth supporting the Gonz, anything with his name attached is gonna be quality in my book..

Mark at his finest in the 1991 Blind video, video days:

looking forward also to the new colourway of Silas’s first pro model & the skate in dark navy/Argentina blue colourway (available to pre-order from Scene in Preston). Adidas are killing it lately, ahead of Nike SB in new model design for sure.